QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks Point of Sale provides complete POS solutions. What provides this software more functionality is its ability to integrate with Pro, Premier and Enterprise version of QuickBooks. This enables users to transfer data to and from POS into the main accounting software. Upon completion of transfer of the data, user can use it for running reports with custom templates and filters. Billing also becomes easier through this software. Still, the main functions of the software provide users with a complete POS platform including hardware. Users can purchase the software separately or with the hardware. In hardware, QuickBooks POS includes monitor, iPad, card swipe machine, etc. With QB POS users can easily stay on top of all the sales happening in the organization. In addition to this, POS system caters to myriad industries such as jewellery, catering, food joints and so on.

Benefits of using QB Point of Sale

Product Database:

QuickBooks Pos can store all data regarding the products of a company. Both quantity and price can be recorded for each product. This software also enables users to gather information about products. Users can store informations like quantity available in stock, quantity sold, total price of the inventory, price of each item of the inventory.

Sales Database:

Each and every sale is recorded automatically in POS. All the users need to do is enter all the data at the time of ring up sale. After this, users can use the data for optimizing their business strategy.

Discount and sales:

Users can specify specific discounts on products during the time of a sale. This will make it easier for organizations to set up large sale campaigns for advertising.

Inventory tracking:

You can also use POS software provided by QuickBooks for inventory tracking. Users can find out the current inventory quantity and evaluate the total valuation. All of this can be done in real time.


By providing both the software and hardware for POS, Intuit ensures that users do not have to worry about compatibility issues. This enables users to get right to work. In hardware, Intuit provides the following:

  • iPad: Can be used for performing all the POS related activities. Users can also scan debit and credit cards using this.
  • Monitor
  • Debit/ Credit Card Scanner
  • Cash Register


Users can use the reporting function to analyze the data better. Users can also transfer this data online to other QB softwares and create more types of reports. QuickBooks also enables users to make custom templates using filters. There are many custom templates available in QB. Availability of industry specific templates in addition to multiple filters enables drill down analysis of data.

On mode:

Due to unavailability of internet, service used to suffer. With an update to the POS system, Intuit ensured that users can work offline without compromising on efficiency. Further, over the years switching between these modes has been simplified. Users can, without internet access, record all data and receive payments. Once the software is connected back to the internet, data synchronization begins.

Anytime, anywhere access:

Since all the data is kept online, it makes easier for users to use QB Pos on the go. Data is synced across all platforms. Users can access both the accounting software and its data through smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Such accessibility enables organizations to boost efficiency. Further, we create both incremental backups and full backups of changes made to data.


QB Pos system is highly customizable. You can purchase the software separately without worrying about the hardware. Before doing so, make sure that the hardware you are planning to purchase or have pre purchased is compatible with the POS system. Further, the data can also be synced with third party services for more robust analysis of sales. In addition to this, QB POS is compatible with services of most hosting providers. Data is also synced with the main version of QB software.



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