Creating a backup up of your QuickBooks Point of Sale company file is always a good idea. There are can be various reasons as to why you want to create backup of your files. However, backing up should be always done prior to making any major changes to your files. This will enable you to restore your QuickBooks Point of Sale file much easily.

However, in order to restore each and every of your QuickBooks Point of Sale files without any hassle, it is highly advisable to take scheduled backup of your QuickBooks Point of Sale files every day. It is very easy to configure to automatically take backup of your QuickBooks Point of Sale files to a designated location and folder once every day at your preferred time.

In this article, we will give you step-by-step instructions to take scheduled backup of QuickBooks Point of Sale file. Also, we will tell you how to restore a backup of QuickBooks Point Sale files.

Steps to take scheduled backup of QuickBooks Point of Sale files

  1. Go to the Edit menu and choose Preferences
  2. Now go to Company from there you will be taken to the Data Safeguard section of the General Page. There, tick-mark the Every Day at box.
  3. Specify you preferred time. Also, you can change the location too where you would like to take backup of your data.
  4. Select Save.

Steps to restore backup of QuickBooks Point of Sale files

  1. Select File.
  2. Choose Company Operations.
  3. Now choose restore from backup.
  4. After that click on Next.
  5. Mention the preferred location where you would like to restore the data.
    • In order to restore data from a default folder anywhere saved on your local disk, choose Restore from default backups and choose a backup file from the displayed list.
    • In order to restore data from a network drive or any kind of removable media, choose Browse to alternate backup file and mention the path or browse the location where the backup files are stored
    • And if you are restoring data from any kind of removable media, don’t forget to insert the media in its specific drive.
  6. Now click on Ok.

Points to remember about restoring QuickBooks Point of Sale files :

  • QuickBooks Point of Sale can easily save data of about ten generations. And upon the 11th backup, the first backup file gets deleted.
  • It is important to note that daily automatic is performed only when there is a Server Workstation.
  • It is preferred to take backup of your QuickBooks Point of Sale before performing any kind of data-related tasks, such as the Clean Up Company Data utility or Data Import Wizard.
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  1. Now a days Technology becomes the teacher. Technology can do things which now humans can not right now. As like this if we lost some data in real life we could not bring it back but now technology makes this thing easier, just store you documents on your system and if it lost anyway you can still recover that data by the POS technology which is really amazing. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I just bookmarked your site and visit for sure when ever got time to read this kind of valuable information.

    1. Well said Shaneka and thank you for such nice review, we always look forward to provide best and best information to you, and it is really our pleasure tha you find it valuable and helpful, You can get yourself connected by give our expert-desk a ring on our toll-free number, stay connected with us for more updated and interesting information.

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